Chevelle Newton

Chevelle Newton is a native of Chesapeake, VA. After graduating high school, she received a BA in Biology studies from George Mason University. She later joined the US Navy and served five years as a Medic and Technician.  Chevelle has worked in hospital settings in a Multi-Service Unit and has provided services for the dementia populations on the medical unit as a Medic for the US Navy in 2003.

Chevelle observed some medical social workers while in the military and decided to return to school for social work. She worked with various paraprofessionals while in the military and served in Iraqi Campaigns advocating for the needs of wounded military personnel and their families in support initiatives. After leaving the US Navy, Chevelle earned an MA in Human Relations in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Oklahoma in 2007. Chevelle’s work evolved within the MH field, and she furthered her studies by completing a Master of Clinical Social Work from NSU in 2015 within a Military Specialization Cohort Program. Chevelle was accepted into the first military Specialization Cohort Program offered at NSU and completed her internship at the Virginia Beach Veteran Center, working with PTSD Vietnam Veterans in group settings. 

Chevelle brings over twenty years of Medical and Mental Health experience to the board. Chevelle has worked as a clinical social worker in private school settings with children supporting behavioral health needs.  Chevelle has also worked for Humana in-home as an independent MH/Medical contractor, servicing senior populations. Over the past four years, Chevelle worked as a therapist servicing adults in a Regional Crisis Stabilization Hospital Unit in the Hampton Newport News area. Chevelle is a pre-licensed therapist at Holistic Life Service LLC in Virginia Beach. Chevelle services both Adult and Senior Populations ages 63 and over.

During Chevelle’s leisure time, she enjoys movies, traveling, taking long walks, and going to the beach. Chevelle has raised funds for local Virginia political campaign officials in addition to her local church outreach initiatives, and she desires to bring her expertise and passions to SCDC. She is a recently certified Healing of the Soul Minister graduate and volunteers her free time in outreach initiatives for (HOEM) House of Esther Ministry community events.