Janeen Fowler

Jocelyn Janeen Fowler is a native of Philadelphia, PA. After graduating high school, she received an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Peirce College. Later, she joined the U.S. Air Force and spent four years as a Flight Medicine Technician. While serving in the Air Force, she worked with flight surgeons, performed physical exams, and assessed military member’s ability to be on flying status. During these years, her love grew for the medical field. After completing her military duty, she moved to Hampton Roads and enrolled in a registered nursing program. In 2008, she graduated from the Sentara School of Health Professions with a Diploma in Registered Nursing. As a nurse, she has worked in many areas, including Medical/Surgical, Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, and Home Health. As she grew as a nurse, she desired to further her education. In 2018, she received a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Western Governors University. In 2019, she became a home health nurse with Sentara Enterprises. As a home health nurse, her responsibilities include helping caregivers- manage diseases like Diabetes, Heart Failure and Dementia. Assisting patients with care following major surgeries and providing/teaching wound care. For more than 18 years, Janeen has spent her free time volunteering with the House of Esther Organization (HOEO). HOEO is a local non-profit that supports young women in crisis. She has enjoyed organizing and assisting with HOEO fundraisers. Janeen looks forward to using her expertise and passion to serve SCDC.